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The Reliquary Casket of St Thomas of Canterbury

Women Priests

While everyone is still scratching their heads about Francis' comments on marriage, and getting excited over gender theory, there is a little matter on the back burner.  One that could be the next major front of attack - to weaken the church in all she maintains: I refer simply to ...(read more..)

The Sanctuary and the Nave

Coming from an Anglican tradition into Catholicism, one of the things of which one is aware is the very different approach to the governance of parishes.  

In a Catholic Parish, the priest is ruler; the only formally required parish body is a Finance Council, and even that can do not ...(read more..)

Half in Ruins

Mary first appeared to the visionaries in Fatima 99 years ago today.  Do those messages say anything to us today? I've found as soon as you mention Fatima, people immediately turn to the third secret. So rather than fight the urge, let's look at that.

The validity of the official ...(

The Joy of Love

English Bishop: "the trouble with Francis, is holding all the things he says together". I won't say who said this to me, but it was a little while back. I wonder if he has a clearer understanding of our Pope's thinking now. For two years we waited for Francis' Exhortation ...(read more..)

When Pro-Life is Not Enough

Two years ago today, England and Wales became the 16th country to welcome same-sex marriage. Scotland came next. To give you some context, that puts us in the first 10% of all the countries in the world. However, push Mr or Ms average to explain the difference between the two ...(read more..)

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The main picture is a detail of a reliquary which once contained the relics of Thomas à Becket. It's now in the British Museum in London.

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